Lifeball Solidarity Edition

The concept of this design is based on the idea to design a simple and elegant solution. This goal should be achieved by a symbol that symbolizes solidarity. Solidarity is defined as a feeling of unity or a union between different members of a group or between classes, peoples, etc., that arises from having common goals, responsibilities or interests. The ampersand can be seen as a symbol that represents those values. It can combine different parts of a sentence to form a stronger message together or it is often used in names of companies or firms, where individual people with the same goal work together. In addition to that there are thousands of different fonts in existence that all possess their own unique ampersand. The designs were created by combining different ampersands, this represents the variety and diversity of humans. Serif and sans-serif fonts can be freely combined to create different variations that represent different kinds of relationships (gay, lesbian, transgender, etc.). In order to strengthen this symbolic representation the different forms end in hands that interlock with each other. To make the label more luxurious the shorter arm would be printed with a metallic hot foil stamping.

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