Negative Space (Corporate Design)

Negative Space e. V. is an association that is dedicated to improve the image of St.Pölten by transforming ugly and blank spots into beautiful murals. The association seeks out those negative places of the city and talks to the owners trying to gain new walls as canvases for the graffiti artists that the association selects. This project could vastly improve the creative image of St.Pölten and possibly turn it into a metropole for graffiti artists around the world. The name Negative Space was chosen for the project, as it refers to the empty, ugly and blank places of St.Pölten that could be painted by artists in order to add value to the area and overall to St.Pölten. Now a logo had to be created that fits the project, consists of a visual pun and refers to St.Pölten. Staying true to the name, Negative Space, the motive of a wolf (which stands for St.Pölten as it is represented in the coat of arms of the city), that creates a negative space in the shape of a spraycan between its legs was chosen as a logo.

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