Running On Air (Editorial Design)

I wanted to visualize what a music album would look like if it was not a CD but a magazine. I decided to choose “Running on Air” the fourth studio album from the Australian rap group Bliss n Eso as my subject. I picked this album because Bliss n Eso are among my favorite artists and their songs are different from typical rap songs as they are very inspirational thus fitting the design brief. The lyrics of the songs are written out for each track and the images are supposed to convey the vibe and feeling of the song, reference something discussed in the lyrics or connect to something or someone that the song makes me think about. Seven of the eight articles were written by myself, in which I talk about a lot of personal things that are going on or have happened in my life or I give my thoughts on different issues. All of these articles stand directly in context with how I interpret the songs, what they mean to me, what they make me think about and how they inspire me.

A magazine based on the music album of the same name 
by Australian rap group Bliss n Eso
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